Luxembourg Embassy takes part in the European Day of Languages 2021 in Abu Dhabi

On September 26, the Luxembourg Embassy in Abu Dhabi took part in the celebrations of the 20th edition of the European Day of Languages, organised by the Alliance Française, the Goethe-Institut and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in cooperation with the Delegation of the European Union (EU) to the United Arab Emirates.

Established by the Council of Europe, the European Day of Languages is an annual event that celebrates and draws attention to Europe’s rich linguistic and cultural diversity. It aims at extending the range of languages that people learn throughout their lives in order to develop their multilingual skills and to reinforce intercultural understanding.

The visitors of the Luxemburgish stand had the opportunity to learn some Lëtzebuergesch words such as “Moien”(Hello), “Äddi”(Goodbye) and basic sentences like “Alles guddes” (Best wishes) and “Schéinen Dag!” (Have a nice day!). They were also able to get to know better the multilingual environment of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, where the three official languages - Luxembourgish, French and German - are spoken along with the languages of the many diverse nationalities present in the country.

The Embassy would like to thank the many visitors of different ages and backgrounds who attended the event in Abu Dhabi, which included a speech H.E. Matteo Fontana, Head of the EU Delegation in the UAE.

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