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  1. On Monday 5 July 2021, the Minister of the Economy, Franz Fayot, and the CEO of Luxinnovation, Sasha Baillie, officially launched the platform to further improve the visibility of the Luxembourg ecosystem internationally, while facilitating networking. Launched...

  2. The Index which covers 130 countries and territories across the world is based on three main categories: economy, risk quality and supply chain conditions. With a score of 100/100, Luxembourg ranks first in the world in the “economy” category...

  3. Organised in the framework of the «Month of Francophonie» that is taking place worldwide every year in March, the Francofilm Festival is held in collaboration with the Embassies of France, Switzerland, Canada Luxembourg, and Belgium in the United Arab Emirates...

  4. One year after the creation of the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Initiative (LSFI), a public-private partnership that aims to raise awareness, promote and develop Luxembourg's role as a sustainable finance hub, the non-profit association has launched the Luxembourg...

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