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Europe Day 2015 - The Higher College of Technology – Khalifa A Women's Campus

Published Sunday May 10 2015

On 10th May, Luxembourg participated in an event commemorating Europe Day organised by the European Union Delegation at an Emirati University with a 100 % female local student body and a multinational staff body.

The event was held at the Higher College of Technology to reach the local student community and expose them to the European Union, its Member States and its ideas.

Member states present in Abu Dhabi set up stalls to present themselves including brochures, movies, artefacts, giveaways and most importantly snacks the countries are famous for. The Europe Day event created a unique platform to raise awareness about the EU Delegation member states, their food, traditions and beautiful sights.

The timing of the event was particularly auspicious this year as it came just days after the Schengen Visa Waiver for Emiratis had been implemented, a significant milestone in the relations between the UAE and the European Union. The UAE becomes the first Arab country to be granted a Schengen Visa Waiver.

It was a pleasure to see the enthusiasm of the local students as well as of the Director of the Higher College of Technology, Dr Sultan Karmostagi, who attended each stall for a brief conversation and tasting session.